When is it required?

If is very simple to understand! When it is unsafe for either you or your bady to deliver vaginally / normally then caesarean section is required.
Common situations where caesarean section is required,

  • Baby's head is relatively larger than the space available in the pelvis.
  • Backside of baby's head is towards mother's back and it doesn't turn.
  • Mouth of the uterus i.e. cervix fails to open up.
  • Baby's head remains high in the abdomen in spite of good uterine contractions and doesn't go down. In other situations it may not be safe to deliver the baby vaginally e.g. when baby's growth is less, water around the baby is less or blood supply to the baby is less or baby has passed motion or having decrease heart rate. In these circumstances baby may not tolerate the stress of delivery because with each contraction baby's blood supply becomes less.

Some times if there is previous caesarean section and baby's size is larger, baby's head doesn't go down and there is no possibility of normal delivery then we need to electiveky do caesarean section.